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The Foundation is committed to raising regular funds for the organisations that it supports, by means of sponsored challenges and fundraising events / auctions.

Below are a list of further events through which The Foundation is seeking to raise funds:

  • Julia Taylor's participation in The Clipper Round The World Race 09-10.  See www.jatroundtheworld.com for full details (including sponsorship details).
  • The Sacha Borthwick Clipper Challenge - further details to be released in due course.
The last six months has represented a huge learning curve for the three trustees of the Foundation – myself, Lucy and Quintin. We are beginning to understand the number of organisations in the UK which are undertaking valuable and often little-recognised work, surviving on hard-earned donations that may become even scarcer in the current economic climate.
We are constantly looking for new organisations to support, naturally providing their remit falls within the boundaries of our charitable objects (and obviously funds permitting at any given time!).
If you or your organisation would like to apply to The Foundation for support, please contact us, we will endeavour to respond to you as soon as is reasonably possible.


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